Julia This name appears everywhere from Shakespeare to the saints.

Origin Mexican, Hebrew, French.

10 Catalina. Cuauhtmoc (pronounced kwoh-teh-mohk) Meaning descending sun, also the name of the last Aztec emperor.

Meaning related to the god.


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A warrior name, the Spanish version of this Greek baby girl name (prounounced aa-l-ai-hAAn-drah) means "defender of mankind. Claudia. Abril.

. I hope you enjoyed this list of 140 beautiful Latina baby girl names.



gov. Liliana.

8 Ximena. Corisande - meaning "heart".

Freddi Gaining in popularity as a girls name, Freddi means the peaceful ruler.

Apr 13, 2023 Atlatl (pronounced at-laht) One of our favorite Aztec warrior names, Atlatl means spear-thrower.

150 Spanish Names for Girls 1.

. Nina. May 18, 2023 Spanish girl names inspired by the people and culture you love can never lead you astray.

Comprehensive collection of 3956 Spanish Baby Names. . . Arsenia. Ends with.

The meaning of Adessa is also derived from 'Odyssey' by Homer.

Elena. The name Marisol is girl&39;s name of Spanish origin meaning "Mary of Solitude".



Leanna has dropped nearly 1,000 spots on name popularity charts since it peaked as the 746th most popular baby name in 1990.

What is the best Spanish name for a girl What is the most popular female name in Spain There are 21 countries in the world that have Spanish as their official.

Spanish Background.